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Child Assessment Clinic

The Child Assessment Clinic specializes in comprehensive diagnostic evaluations for children and adolescents aged 16 years of age and younger. The focus of our diagnostic clinic is two-fold: neurodevelopmental disorders in children (such as autism spectrum disorder, learning disorders, intellectual disability, and ADHD), as well as mood and anxiety disorders. However, we also conduct assessments for other problems in children including aggressive behavior, school problems, and other emotional problems. Our evaluations are comprehensive and include behavioral observations, use of established diagnostic tools, and clinical interviews.

The cost for a comprehensive diagnostic assessment is based on a sliding scale and may be discounted depending on client's income and need.  

Please note that given the nature of the CSC being a training clinic where graduate students receive extensive supervision for each assessment, we are limited to conducting approximately 30 assessments per year. Our waitlist for comprehensive child assessments is currently until Spring 2025. 

For more information or to be placed on our assessment waitlist, please have the parent or legal guardian of the child call (540) 231-8276.

For individuals or families interested in a comprehensive diagnostic evaluation for adolescents and adults age 17 or older, please contact the Psychological Services Center at or 540-231-6914.

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